Odyssey and Civic Type R: Fun, practical Hondas

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Posted 21 Oct 2020 in Uncategorized

The Odyssey minivan and rowdy Civic Type R hatch occupy opposite ends of Honda’s lineup, yet they were parked side-by-side at Mountain Shadows resort for a COVID-limited group of writers to hear about significant changes.

Give Honda’s new PR guy Carl Pulley credit for drawing parallels as he began his presentation. “They’re both white,” he quips. Obviously, Type R is a blast to drive. But Pulley defends Odyssey. “When you’re driving solo it’s surprisingly fun to drive,” he says, adding it handles better than an SUV. Plus, there’s plenty of room for a day of fun with family and friends.

Obvious as well is the minivan’s practicality. But there also are elements of practicality to the Civic, Pulley says. It’s roomy for four with the hatchback design providing space for their gear.

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Civic Type R