PAPA resumes regular, monthly meetings

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Posted 26 Jan 2021 — by Cathy Luebke
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By Brian Driggs

Returning to its roots and focused on member value, Phoenix Automotive Press Association (PAPA) has resumed regular, monthly meetings. PAPA meets the third Thursday evening of the month, at 8PM MST.

The first meeting of 2021 took place January 21st, attended by a small, but engaged group. Tyson Hugie, from DriveToFive, said, “We ended up with eight total attendees and it was a nice conversation!  [There were] a couple of new faces for me, as well as attendance of Larry [Edsall] from Las Vegas and some of our die-hard locals like Joe Sage and Brenda Priddy.”

“We kept things pretty informal and there was no attendance taken or meeting notes, but we collectively agreed that the meeting adds value and opportunity, so we will continue to have a monthly get-together.  Our next session will be Thursday, February 18th, and future meetings will be at 8:00PM MST.”

“I’m glad everyone had a good time,” said Brian Driggs, from The Gearhead Project. “The simple agenda allowed everyone to share news and mention opportunities to collaborate. With so much competing for our attention these days, we have to make it easy for our members to stay connected.”

Larry Edsall, from The Classic Cars Journal, pointed out there were only seven people at the first-ever PAPA meeting in 2001. To have eight people show up to this first Zoom meeting with an eye toward reinvigorating the local automotive media landscape felt special.

They say most New Year’s Resolutions are failed and forgotten by the third week of January, but PAPA is just getting started.


A message from PAPA’s advisory board:

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Posted 15 Dec 2020 — by Cathy Luebke
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Hi PAPA Members,

It’s been some time since last got together, and we hope you are well. Most of you should have received this letter via email, but in case we missed anyone, here you go.

The Phoenix Auto Press Association is looking at 2021 with a focus to engage members on a regular basis in today’s video conference world, and expand our visibility and be a more meaningful resource and platform for the automotive, transportation and mobility worlds through all media outlets and platforms in the southwest.

2020 has been a transformational year with many challenges for most, and still a way to go before the world is back to some semblance of normal, or what that will be. But, with challenges comes opportunities, and we see this as a time to take the PAPA organization and re-position it as a meaningful media organization.

To make this happen, we need your help with a quick data collection form at this link:

The form asks the following:

  1. We need to know if you are interested in being an active member of PAPA.  Please let us know if you would like to continue your PAPA involvement. If so, please enter your current contact information
  2. We need to take stock of who we are and what we are doing. Please provide details about the media outlets or digital platforms that you currently work with. Also, if you provide additional services please include. This will allow us to prepare a PAPA overview of the media professionals and services that we could supply to those who may be new to the southwest.
  3. Optional – provide links to your website or any social media handles, if applicable.

Whether you are new to PAPA or have been around since the group’s beginnings in 1999, we recognize you have something valuable to contribute.  Our hope is that PAPA can deliver on the need to give value back to its members.

Please tentatively mark your calendar for the evenings of every third Thursday of the month for a PAPA Zoom meeting, beginning in January.  Additional details to follow.

Wishing you and your families well.  Thanks in advance for your contributions.

One day only: PAPA previews Maserati MC20 supercar

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Posted 25 Oct 2020 — by Cathy Luebke
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A lucky few PAPA members got a preview of Maserati’s new 630-horsepower MC20 winged supercar. No touching and no driving, though. It will hit dealerships next year priced from $210,000.







Green, white and red high-performance Trofeo models matched the Italian flag outside Scottsdale Maserati as part of the dealership’s turn on the U.S. city tour of the MC20 prototype. The Levante SUV and Ghibli sedan will join the Quattroporte sedan with the 580-hp Trofeo treatment next month.


Click here for Maserati’s media site with detailed press releases about the MC20 and Trofeos.